I am an Entrepreneur, and a Community Manager

So you found my page, welcome! 

A little about me:

My name is Sonja Strobl, but most people online know me by my nickname Edenprime, or Eden for short.

I’m a quick learned, organized and dependable. I’m used to solving difficult problems professionally and calmly both in real life and online.

I run a 1000 member Finnish community Dragonborn Inc in The Elder Scrolls Online game and I have been an entrepreneur since 2021. I work directly with Bethesda Nordic and organize events for Finns and all Nordic countries alike.

I’m passionate about sharing my mothers health industry expertise with the world. Because of the challenges of 2020 we moved my mother’s classes online and from that, we have worked hard on on the kaisansporttiklubi.fi website (WIP) and Kaisan Sporttiklubi Facebook page to offer exercise classes for all ages. I take care of the technology side of things in addition to filming, editing and marketing.

In addition to everything mentioned above, I also create websites, paint portraits and take photographs for magazines!

Inclusiveness, fun, strict rules – is it a utopia?

Read my thoughts about the progression of inclusivity in the gaming community from my perspective and whether I think inclusiveness, fun, and strict rules can be established simultaneously in gaming. The text is linked to the themes of the Gam-e-quality program organized June 2022.


I create personalized websites

Photography and art.

Brochures, Leaflets, and other content

Published articles and other media that use my photos

I stream The Elder Scrolls Online gaming and Bethesda Nordic community events

I write about my gaming and everyday life

I have worked as a customer support specialist, Emergency responder, EU-Parliament trainee, freelance photographer and much more! Check out the full history from Linkedin